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Sustainable hospitality is based on the consistent delivery of sales and guest service


Hospi-Linc is a hospitality consulting concept delivered by Elliott Murray in sales and guest service training.

Elliott is a certified Opening Sales and Guest Service trainer by the Original Brands of Westin and Ritz Carlton hotels. Elliott is the only active person in the US to hold this distinction.

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Recipe for Success

  • Pre Opening/Opening

  • Proactive sales culture revitalization/creation

  • Sales training

  • Guest services training

  • Soft skills training

  • ​Strategic marketing

  • ​Marketing/action plans

  • Sales leadership training

  • Motivational Speaker

  • ​Guest service/sales collaboration

  • ​Property level troubleshooting

  • Creator/Copyright owner of local marketing/action plan

Regardless of cosmetics, model, or brand name, the recipe to property level success is the delivery of consistent sales and guest service from year to year. Tools and resources do not replace, teach, or motivate the sustaining human element of hospitality.

Location, safety, and cleanliness is vital to the reputation of a hotel. However, the lifeblood of a successful hotel is the "Art of Engagement" component. While owners and management companies often discuss and draft policies about sales & guest service, they being on the same page typically is not taught to an individual at the property level. For year to year synergy and revenue growth, this is essential. I bridge that gap for growing sustainable ROI.

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