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Not Ivory Tower, but Boots on the Ground Revitalization

Regardless of cosmetics, model, or Brand name, the recipe to property level success is the delivery of consistent sales and guest service from year to year. Tools and Resources does not replace, teach, or motivate the sustaining human element of hospitality. My passion and success over the past 18 years has been limited/select/boutique/full service troubleshooting. I welcome a conversation with you as we approach recovery. Most management companies are not aware or are in denial of the "free for all" that is taking place as we try to get back to a sense of normalcy. The timing to plant and teach a redirection in sales and marketing will be essential. It’s going to take more than lower rates and ballooned loyalty programs. Skepticism, fear, and severed loyalty will put our hotels almost back to square one. A good hotel will retain some clients, but with the potential scatter and openness of opportunity, staff may not be the same nor public expectation. 


I am also the creator and copyrighted owner of a local marketing/action plan that guarantees a massive advantage versus the comp. Because of Covid, many of the truly special sales professional either scattered and found employment in other arenas, while others have elected to take their skills to larger more progressive areas in the US to make more money. For those less progressive, they are having to learn how to start from scratch because of the bewildered customer who may have lost loyalty or just unsure about their past severed relationships. In all honesty, most of these sales professionals are accustomed to a ready made environment, while our  current times requires those who can think outside the box and comfortable in starting the "Art of Engagement" from scratch or outside the box at the ground level. The typical sales 101 way of teaching sales via manuals and test questions is not going to teach, train, and motivate those who aren't accustomed to this type of selling. I bridge that gap. My knowledge of how to uncover and formulate long sustaining relationships, training, and motivational expertise is unparalleled by most people who have had their career formulated by job description positions and possible questionable or non-influential hands on field leadership. I offer an element that was molded to be a consultant IN THE FIELD. Being a special project professional and troubleshooter, I am not interested in employee positions. However, with the times as they are, I may be open to a consultancy option to put all of my passion, experience, and drive into one entity that understands the real lifeblood of effective sustaining hospitality. The viable asset to unveiling my proven copyrighted marketing/action plan will deliver a measurable advantage of market share domination and sustainable revenue growth even more-so with the Covid 19 influence. Timing of preparation and recovery are essential from your sales and marketing position. Please review Linkedin profile

In closing, while budgetary responsibility is essential, it's imperative to get ahead of the curve of recovery. Now is the time to rebuild and revitalize your sales directives, some from SCRATCH. When the World wakes back up to “business as usual”, you will need a distinct advantage, and it needs to be created, taught, motivated, and unveiled beforehand!


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